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This electronic record is created by a computer system and does not necessitate any physical or digital signatures you agree to the terms and conditions and are treated as implied contact.

Marriage Station presents the following legally binding terms and conditions to assist you as your matchmaking platform, and these can be modified and updated as necessary.

Marriage Station is a registered company as per Company Act 2063, having Registration number 261325/077/078 Pan number 609990485 registered address  Kageshwari Manohara Municipality-9, Kathmandu, Bagmati as aiming...…………………………. For the achievement of its objective company has developed this website as an advertising platform

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions:

To become a member of Marriage Station, you must register by providing all the necessary information required for registration, ensuring that the information is both true and valid. This contract is considered a standardized, legally binding agreement, and acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined here is a prerequisite for membership with Marriage Station.
Before registering as a member, it is imperative to thoroughly read and comprehend all the terms and conditions. Acceptance and membership imply your consent to provide all necessary personal information, including but not limited to a citizenship certificate and driving license.

If you have any objections or wish to withdraw your membership from Marriage Station, you can delete your account as needed.

Marriage Station exclusively welcomes members who are legally competent to engage in matrimony. To become a member of Marriage Station or create an account, you must have reached the age of 20, as stipulated by the legal marriageable age for both males and females according to the National Civil (Code) Act, 2017 (2074) of Nepal.

You agree to submit all relevant documents and appropriate information demonstrating that you are legally eligible for marriage and not a minor.
By choosing to become a member of this site, you confirm that your intention is not casual dating; rather, you are earnestly seeking a suitable life partner.
It's crucial to be aware that the match search results generated by the system are solely based on partner preferences and the detailed information provided by you during the login process. Read more

Marriage Station shall not be held liable for any loss or damage incurred as a consequence of anyone's use of the website and app or any content posted on the account or communicated to Marriage Station members. Members are advised not to disclose financial information, such as credit card or bank account numbers, or transmit money to other members. In the event of such activities, Marriage Station will not be responsible.

Marriage Station will not be held responsible for any loss or damage suffered by individuals as a result of or subsequent to any relationships (including but not limited to marital relationships) formed through the application.

Marriage Station disclaims all responsibility and liability for any illegal content placed on the app by members, users, or any other third parties.

If the information and detail you provided us for matchmaking is incorrect . Your matchmaking process will not proceed further and the fee you have paid for matchmaking will not be refunded.

Account Security:
You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the login information provided during the registration process. Additionally, you should be accountable for the activities conducted through your account. It is imperative that you promptly inform us of any unauthorized use of your account or other security breaches. Ensure that you log out of your account at the conclusion of each session. This is particularly crucial for a matrimonial company website and app.

Term and Termination:
You are obligated to adhere to all the terms and conditions outlined here for the duration of your use of our application.

If you wish to discontinue your account, you can delete it as needed by following the provided instructions.

marriage station reserves the right to terminate your account if any activities are identified that breach the terms and conditions, engage in actions prohibited by the laws of Nepal, or involve participation in any illegal acts. 

Service Charges:

1 For individuals inside the country, the initial payment to initiate the process is Rs. 5,000, and upon successful completion of the service, an additional Rs. 20,000 will be charged.

2 Individuals residing in countries other than Nepal and Gulf countries are required to pay Rs. 10,000 to start the process, and after the completion of the service, an additional Rs. 40,000 will be charged. 

3 There is no guarantee that your work will be done as soon as you register and pay the process service fee.

4 Even if you get married without informing us, whether through our platform or by communicating with the person we provided, the remaining service charges, as per the agreed terms between you and us, will still be applicable and will be charged accordingly.

The initial service fee will be refunded if the service does not deliver the desired results:

service fee you pay encompasses the cost of utilizing our platform and the expenses associated with conducting manual searches to find potential matches for you. Therefore, the fee is non-refundable, as it is dedicated to the efforts and resources expended in the personalized search process

No Service Charge for Initial Communication:

Engaging with the person mentioned in the advertisement published by us does not incur an ongoing service charge; charges are applied only after the successful completion of the service. However, to access this feature, your details must be registered and verified. Read more

Content Posted on the Site:
Marriage Station reserves the right to delete any content, communication, photos, or profiles that violate the agreement, are offensive, illegal, or may compromise the security of other members.

By using the site, you grant Marriage Station the irrevocable and absolute right and license to use, store, distribute, reproduce, adapt, publicly perform, and publicly display the content on the site and to members of Bihe Nepal. This applies to the content you submit on publicly accessible areas of the site. This includes all responsibilities associated with the content you upload, post, email, transmit, or make accessible on the site. Marriage Station has no control over such content and, therefore, cannot guarantee its correctness, integrity, or standard. All members are urged to thoroughly verify the content and information they submit.

The following types of content are prohibited and cannot be posted or shared while using this application:

  1. Content that harms social integrity, harmony, and religious tolerance and promotes racism, hatred, or harm to any individual or group.
  2. Content that encourages harassment and defamation of any other person by promoting false and misleading information.
  3. Content related to any copyrighted material or pirated files.
  4. Content that displays pornographic or sexually explicit material and materials that exploit minors (under 18 years of age).

Copyright Policy:
All the posts, materials, pictures, and other content posted on the app are copyrighted materials and cannot be used, distributed, posted, or reproduced on any other site by any member or user.

interaction with Other Members:
You bear absolute responsibility for all your communications with other members of Marriage Station. Marriage Station does not monitor all communications and disputes that may arise through such interactions. However, Marriage Station will register complaints against serious matters and take necessary action only in crucial situations. Members using this application should prioritize their own security and exercise awareness when interacting with other members.


Marriage Station is committed to upholding its own privacy policy, dedicated to preserving and safeguarding the privacy of its members. We place a high priority on ensuring the confidentiality and security of the personal information shared by our members. Read more

Disputes and Jurisdiction:
Any disputes or conflicts arising while using this site will be resolved based on Nepalese law, and the jurisdiction to address such disputes shall be with the appropriate legal authorities in Nepal.

By accepting all these terms and conditions, you acknowledge and agree to become a member of Marriage Station without any objection or doubt regarding the mentioned terms. You unconditionally commit to follow all instructions and terms for using this website and app and confirm your intention to use it in a responsible manner.

Our terms and conditions from 2077/12/23 to 2080/09/18, were as follows. नेपालीमा यहाँ पढ्नुहोस्


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