what is marriage station

Marriage Station is a matrimonial company dedicated to facilitating connections between individuals of marriageable age. Our company specializes in arranging meetings and fostering communication between potential life partners. We collect detailed information from our clients, including their preferences and background, to ensure personalized and compatible matches. Our goal is to assist individuals in finding a suitable life partner through a thoughtful and tailored matchmaking process.

How does it work ?

At Marriage Station, we gather information from individuals interested in marriage and facilitate the exchange of details by carefully matching them based on their partner preferences. Additionally, our users have the autonomy to explore and select potential partners independently through our user-friendly website and mobile application. We provide a comprehensive platform that combines personalized matchmaking with the freedom for individuals to make their own choices in the journey to finding a life partner

What should be done to find a life partner ?

To get started, click this link  https://www.marriagestation.com.np/register and register your details. Once registered, follow these steps 1 Verify your details to ensure accuracy. 2 Proceed by paying the Advance service fee according to the company rules to initiate the search process. These revised instructions aim to provide clear and concise guidance on the necessary steps for users to register and proceed with Marriage Station's services.

How many days is it possible to match?

There is no specific time limit for our services. We will contact and facilitate communication between individuals, as mentioned earlier. However, it's important to note that we do not provide a 100% guarantee of success in finding a match. The decision to proceed further will be based on your conversations with potential partners. Our service period extends up to 6 months, during which we actively work towards connecting you with suitable matches. Please keep in mind that the success of the process depends on various factors, and we are committed to assisting you within the specified time frame .

How many people can be talked to within a certain period ?

As this is a time-framed service, there is no limit on the number of individuals we connect you with. If there is no agreement with a particular person, we will promptly introduce you to another potential match. This process continues until you find a compatible partner. Furthermore, you will receive new updates and potential matches throughout the entire 6-month period, ensuring that our services remain active and responsive to your preferences and requirements.

If it doesn't work, we get a refund ?

Once the service has been resumed, please note that service charges are non-refundable. The funds you provide contribute to the operational costs of our office, covering various expenses. As soon as you make a payment, the funds are allocated for the continued operation of our services. Consequently, if a refund request is made shortly after payment, it cannot be accommodated, as the funds would have already been utilized for ongoing operational needs.

How much service charge to start work ?

The cost depends on the package you choose. For example: If you are seeking a match within Nepal while you are also in Nepal, the initial service fee is Rs 5000. After the successful completion of our services, there is an additional payment of Rs 20,000. If you are located abroad or seeking a match from abroad, the initial service fee is Rs 10000. After the successful completion of our services, the additional payment is Rs 40,000. If you are a foreigner, the initial service fee is $500. After the successful completion of our services, the additional payment is Rs $1000. Please note the specified fees are to be paid to initiate and conclude the matchmaking process

Where is its office and what are its office hours ?

Our office is located near Kathmandu, specifically in Kageshwari Manohara, Kandaghari, near Gandhi School. You can easily locate us on Google Maps. Our office hours are from 10 am to 5 pm, every day. google Maps click this   

Do you also provide wedding services?

Yes, we also offer wedding services. To avail of these services, please navigate to the wedding service category and proceed to book the specific service you require 

I would like to understand in Nepali.

If you want to understand more things through video, click on the links given below. 1 About company animation text video in Nepaliabout company animation text video in Nepali 2About company animation text video in EnglishInterview with Nepal AajaInterview with Kantipur televisionquick info video